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Private Label Hosted PBX

A Fully Managed PBX Solution


Hosted PBX for VoIP Resellers

Today businesses are starting to prefer Cloud based PBX services over purchasing expensive onsite phone systems. They reliaze that with a Hosted PBX solution they get more features and better calling plans without the large upfront investments.

PBX vendors and installers are particulary vulnerable to this change and need to adapt in order to compete.

With 3NG's Private Label Hosted PBX solution, providers of all types can begin to market and sell a fully branded Hosted PBX service comparable to some of the best phone systems in the industry.

Manage extensions, hunt groups, auto attendants and call routing features through your adaministrative portal with built in billing and invoicing.


Full Featured PBX


Integrated Billing & Support

  • Extension Management
  • Hunt Group Routing
  • Auto Attendant / IVR
  • Call Queues
  • Custom Music On-Hold
  • Call Pickup
  • Parking
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • After Hours Call Routing
  • Automatic Phone Provisioning 
  • Bill per Active User / Extension
  • Enable / Disable Features
  • Control Monthly Subscription Rates
  • Bill for International Long Distance
  • Block International Long Distance
  • Send Monthly Invoices
  • Accept Credit Card & Bank Payments
  • Suspend Past Due Customers
  • Compatible with All Major IP Phones
  • Auto Provisioning of IP Phones


All You Need Are IP Phones

3NG's VoIP Reseller Program offers a fully redundant hosted pbx platform manageable through any web interface. There's no network or carriers to manage or large support teams to employ. Almost every component needed to run a private labeled VoIP business is provided to you. All you need are IP phones and an internet connection to get your customers new hosted pbx service installed.