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3NG Networks’ Wholesale VoIP Services are designed for organizations such as VARs, ASPs, ISPs, SAAS providers, System Integrators, and those that prefer to focus on selling services rather than managing the operational details for every aspect of the service delivery model. The easy-to-rebrand solution is sold on a per seat or line basis, with different price levels depending on the services, volume and term. At the heart of the product suite are telephony packages targeted at different business end-users including executives, remote workers, sales personnel and receptionists. These packages can be utilized by Channel Partners to create bundles appropriate for your own select target markets, whether offering hosted solutions or trunk-based solutions or both:


Benefits to Channel Partners

Wholesale VoIP Services enable Channel Partners to add recurring revenue quickly and benefit from high and margins with minimal upfront effort and expense

  • Add high-margin, low-maintenance recurring revenue stream
  • Increase ARPU
  • Increase customer satisfaction / retention
  • Enable multi-play services via trusted, experienced partner
  • No operational surprises or challenges - services are provided on a proven, award-winning network, assuring a high quality Channel Partner and End User experience
  • The Wholesale VoIP solution is a complete, simple-to-deploy turnkey solution enabling you so sell VoIP services in 30-days or less
  • Predefined VoIP Packages
  • Local number portability (LNP),
  • Local telephone numbers in over 3,600 rate centers
  • An FCC-compliant E911 solution
  • Tier 2 and 3 support
  • Sales, Marketing, and Training support including access to an online channel Partner Resource Center
  • End user billing and rating services
  • End-user device and network monitoring
  • Fax-to-Mail services