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The Private Label VoIP Program allows you to quickly enter the market and begin a turnkey business with minimal operational responsibilities. 3NG has developed a Subscriber Management System (SMS) serving as a single portal for all company processes. Developed with best of breed infrastructure the platform provides you with the ability to perform branded, real-time ordering, provisioning, billing and management of your VoIP and Internet customers.

Our PL Partners can easily manage subscriptions, pricing, specials, and place orders for their customers. 

What do our Partners get with the 3NG Private Label VoIP set-up?


100% Turnkey Setup


 Auto Device Provisioning

Everything you’re going to need to run an efficient VoIP business. The Private Label VoIP program allows you to manage your subscribers while we handle operations in the background.  It will even manage your resellers and provide commission reports. There are NO hardware investments or engineering requirements what-so-ever.

  Using Trivial FTP (TFTP) technology, we're able to remotely configure and manage device SIP configurations and firmware upgrades. This eliminates configuration errors and speeds up customer deployments enabling to Partners to provide voice fast and efficiently.

Customer Web Based Signup


Valuable Resources

We supply both the branded pages and hosting for you to accept orders 24x7 via the web. Simply point your domain to our servers and we’ll handle the rest. The pages automatically collect account, e911 and credit card info for all customers and reference your exact custom service plans.


One of the hardest parts of starting any business is getting all the tools you're going to need to operate. 3NG provides all its Partners with online support tools, templates for terms of service, welcome email, and FAQ along with other valuable resources.

Billing Platform


24x7 Branded Support

Integrated with the popular payment gateway service, the SMS will automatically generate invoices and charge your customers based on billing intervals. The invoice will include a detailed Line-item statement, listing each end-user account and the associated charges. The system will serve for both postpaid and prepaid models.


The 3NG wholesale support team provides our Partners with a toll free line to answer branded support calls for your customers. As a Partner you do have the choice troubleshoot customers internally however, we encourage that you direct all calls to our professional VoIP support team.

Device Dropship Options


 Web Based Mangement

We offer device dropship options reducing your need to invest in inventory effectively freeing up capital for sales and marketing. All devices are configured and tested before shipping.  

All account management is handled via the Web. Portals include:

  • Private Label Partner
  • Partner Reseller
  • vPBX Admin
  • vPBX User
  • Residential User

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VoIP Partner Benefits

  • API access for custom applications
  • CALEA Compliant
  • Automatic e911 registration for every subscriber
  • Access to our large network of over 3000 Rate Centers for Origination, 146k NPA-NXX’s and 200+ Countries for Termination giving you the competitive advantage you need to offer true Nation Wide and International Service.
  • 3NG protects you from incurring excessive Long Distance charges with our “Toll Funds” feature. 3NG's “Toll Funds” feature allows you to sell postpaid services with prepaid Long Distance. Every user will have an account where they can deposit money from their credit card on file in real-time. 3NG's billing platform automatically identifies when the customer is using Long Distance services and deducts the appropriate charges.