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do what you can do best and partner for the rest

3NG’s Strategic Partner Program is designed to provide third-party solution providers with technical and marketing resources as well as business development support. It 's open to any solution provider that develops products and services that complement the 3NG VoIP, Data and Software product portfolio.

We know that the closer we work with our strategic partners, the better our solutions will work in today’s multi-vendor networking environments. And, with joint marketing programs, we share visibility among our network of value added resellers as well as stimulate customer enthusiasm for our collaborative solution.

Strategic Partners should possess cross-industry or vertical-specific expertise in a particular market segment or geographic region. The commitment made between the Strategic Partner and 3NG is considerable and is designed to foster successful business relationships and joint initiatives.


Strategic Partner Opportunities

  • Intergate your existng application with the 3NG VoIP Platform via our SOAP API.
  • Enter a joint marketing agreement with 3NG for a multi product campaign


Partner Benefits

Certification of Compatibility - 3NG will work with members to develop and test our joint solution.

Demo Services Purchase Plan
- Members can purchase service at or below cost for demonstration purposes.

Joint Press Releases - 3NG will work with members to prepare press releases to announce our partnership and solution compatibility, as well as any future collaborative product offering.

Joint Marketing Collateral - 3NG will create a joint application note around the solution that we bring to market. This application will be featured on our web site providing visibility to all 3NG resellers and customers.

Web Visibility - Members will also be highlighted under our web site with links to our joint application note and your company web site.

SOAP API Access - Our entire VoIP platform functionality is made available through our  proven SOAP API.