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The 3NG Partner Programs recognize your expertise, reward you for your impact in the technology marketplace, and deliver tools and resources to help your business become profitable regardless of its size or focus. Three levels of membership, with increasing benefits at each successive level, means you can join at a level that aligns with your business strategies. Leverage your membership to help expand your skills, increase your opportunities, close more sales, and support your customers. We also offer Strategic Partner opportunities with technology partners looking to enter into certain worthy ventures.

Working with 3NG provides unique opportunities for you to grow both revenue and client satisfaction. Focused on small business solutions and Private Label VoIP, 3NG offers service level agreements and products that mass market providers can't touch. 3NG delivers reliable broadband voice and data services over our nationwide private IP network and backed by industry-leading customer support.

We give you a single point of contact in our support organization, a dedicated sales representative and installation coordinator to make sure you and your clients get what you need, when you need it.
Review our different partner opportunities and see which model best fits your organizations needs.

3NG Partner Program Comparison Chart 

Features Lead Affiliate
VAR Private Label VoIP
24/7 End User Support Y Y Y Branded
Dedicated Account Manager Y Y Y
Web Portal Branding N N Y
Invoice Branding N N Y
Create Custom Plans N N Y
End User Administration Limited Limited Full
Customer Web Signup Y Y Y
Operations Pass lead to
Account manager
Work closely with
Account Manager
Consult with
Account Manager
Business Resources Y  Y Y
SOAP API Access N  N Y
Volume Commitments N  N 90 Day ramp
Initial Investment N  N Minimal
Turn Around Time 30 Minutes 30 Minurtes 1 Week
Profits Up to 15% Up to 20% of revenue Approx 40-55% profit margin