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E911 Notice


We are required by the FCC to make you aware of features and limitations of our E911 (Enhanced 911) Service. Since 911 requires the call to be routed to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) associated with the physical location, we have a technique that allows us to ensure the 911 call is routed to your local emergency dispatch operator, along with your name, address, and phone number. Please note that we have taken every precaution and step to ensure that your 911 service if fully functional, but we are not allowed to make test calls to the 911 system and cannot authorize you to do so. You may wish to call the non-emergency number of your local police or fire department and request permission to place a test 911 call to verify that the service is working correctly.

3NG would also like to make you aware that there are limitations to Enhanced 911 service:

1.    The 3NG adapter will not work if the adapter is not configured properly or if your adapter is not functioning for any reason. This includes a broadband or electrical power outage or if you’re broadband, ISP or 3NG service is suspended or terminated. In addition if there is any type of natural disaster your 911 service could experience busy signals, fail to connect or fail to be completed due to network congestion.

2.    If the service address associated with your 3NG service is not correct, 911 calls may be routed to an out of region 911 center that may not be able to offer the correct type of Emergency Service. The enhanced 911 system requires that you have a phone number that is associated with your geographic region, and may not function properly if you have an out of region phone number as your 3NG Household number.

3.    If you move or intend to use your 3NG service away from the address that you have registered with 3NG, you must update your account with your new location. You may change your Service Address by logging into your account via the web or by contacting 3NG Customer Service at 1-866-481-2595. Since it may take 10 days or more to update the 911 emergency databases, you should not rely on 3NG for emergency 911 dialing if you are using the service when you are temporarily traveling away from home. If at any point you move and have a new service location you must inform 3NG of your new service location!

4.    There is a possibility of delayed 911 activation on your service. Because of the time it takes to properly update the 911 emergency databases, your 911 service may not be available immediately upon receiving your device. In most cases, your 911 Service will function properly as soon as your porting process is complete, or your new number is provided. If a temporary number is provided to you, 911 dialing service will not be updated on that temporary number.

If the subscriber fails to acknowledge the 3NG 911 disclaimer the FCC may require 3NG to restrict 3NG Service. Subscriber must contact 3NG with any change of address that effects the geographical location of the subscriber. Failure to provide this information to 3NG could result in cancellation of service.