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National e911 Integration Complete

Part of 3NG's VoIP Reseller Program


3NG has partnered with one of the leading E911 providers in the United States to offer Users of its VoIP Reseller Program an integrated E911 solution that is manageable via existing web portals. This allows both the Reseller and its Customers to enter and update the emergency location address associated to their phone number in real-time.

With Enhanced 911 (E911) service, the telephone number and physical location of the 911 caller are automatically displayed on the emergency dispatcher’s screen. This is unlike Basic 911 service, where the distressed caller has to tell the dispatcher where he or she is calling from. Enhanced 911 is crucial in circumstances where it is difficult or impossible for the caller to communicate his or her whereabouts, as the dispatcher is still able to send emergency response services to the correct location. Enhanced 911 also involves Selective Routing, whereby the 911 call is routed to the appropriate PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) based on the caller’s physical location.


Largest E911 coverage in the United States and Canada

3NG can now route calls to over 6,000 PSAPs in the US and Canada ensuring that all users maintain access to accurate E911 service regardless of their calling area.


Compliance with FCC and CRTC Standards

The emergency routing service supports 3NGs Telephony Network according to FCC and CRTC standards, and is fully compliant with all current legislation. This helps VoIP Resellers and their customers meet or exceed E911 regulations across the US and Canada.


How does the E911 location registration service work?

Since it is impossible to locate a customer’s physical address using the IP address of his VoIP device, and asking the customer to provide his address during emergency calls is simply not acceptable, every VoIP device with a 911 service activated must have an address in the PSAP database before an actual emergency is ever made. Therefore, during registration the customer must provide an address where his device will be physically located, and when he changes location (e.g. goes on vacation) he must update this address. When a customer enters an emergency service address, 3NG’s system will validate it with the E911 provider to ensure that the address is valid and contains all the required information. Then a link between phone number (Account ID) and address will be imported to the E911 provider database, so that now if someone calls E911 from this phone, the PSAP will receive complete information about the customer’s location.

E911 location registrations are available at the User or Trunk level. This allows the VoIP Reseller and its Customers to have an independently registered E911 location for every User of the VoIP services. VoIP Resellers can now support Customers with multiple locations or remote workers under the same Customer record.